Discovery Crossroads

“Discovery Crossroads”, is a ministry established to help people “Realize & React to” unhealthy life-habits, that create and hold them, in a circular-path of negative patterns…. negative patterns that keep them from experiencing the abundant life, that God wants them to have!

Life abounds with many choices & decisions, or many twists & turns, that perpetually cover the landscape of our lives. So, just what are the implications of: wrong turns, U-turns, missed exits, traffic jams, staying too long in one place – or even moving from place to place too quickly; etc.? Is it truly possible that every choice & decision, means something could be gained or lost? Should past, present, or future life-traumas (tragedies), dictate the loss of our peace & pleasure? Discovery Crossroads Ministry (DCM), hopes to help participants, explore & answer these tough questions.

Our lives pass thru many waters of things that are both: good and bad. The good can easily motivate our soul, but the bad can (in opposition) demotivate it. In speaking to the bad stuff, we refer to them as “past & present, traumas & tragedies” – things that come with a negative connotation, that: 1) might have come to us, unwillingly, or 2) things that we poorly chose for ourselves, not realizing that they were Not good for us! These things can & do “absorb” into us, affecting our total-person; like liquid that is draw into a “sponge”. The good, the bad, and the ugly, ALL gets absorbed into our soul…(yet, never forget that a sponge can be wrung out, made clean, and used another day). So, one BIG thing about our negative traumas & tragedies; they like to “hide in the basement of our lives (in the unseen, deep, dark, crevasses of our soul). From there, they grow & gain power over our lives – placing a strangle-hold on our soul, and even forcing it to conform to its desires! They pull at & take control of, the greatest assets of our being – that of our: mind & heart – and consequently, our: thoughts, words & actions. They hold us captive (a slave, if you will), Binding our minds & hearts – keeping them Locked into desiring & doing negative habits (patterns) of living; patterns that we label today as: “addictions”.

So, when it comes to these traumas & tragedies, that live in our basement and cause us brokenness – We need to realize one Big Truth: “We ALL have been rampaged (or, negatively impacted), by our past & present, traumas & tragedies. We ALL keep suffering with a lot of pain from their onslaught; pain that we suffer on a daily basis! Truthfully, they are the nasty gift, that keeps on giving! And sadly, we often try to “self-heal” ourselves, from their devastation; we turn to so many things (addictions), in the hope of finding Healing – but many of these helps, fall way short! Realize this Truth: Staying within the confines of our old brokenness, only “Ruptures” our soul – But leaving our past brokenness behind, totally “Raptures” it!

In the observance of watching other people, who dug down deep to find (seek) genuine healing – We noticed that most of them got “sick & tired, of being sick & tired, of letting their past traumas & tragedies, rule their life (or, rule their entire being; their physical, emotional & spiritual, self)”. They made a courageous & powerful move (step), to take a New Course (a New Path), at a crossroad in their life. They decided to NOT let their past & present traumas &a tragedies, write the “final narrative” of their life-story! They made the better choice, to turn off of an old road (way), at a new crossroad opportunity. Every Crossroad offers the chance to Discover something new something life-changing. If we will just stop, evaluate where we are – then we will see: what of our lives needs to remain, and what has to go. We should always be striving to move ahead to becoming a New us; a New creation. May we never allow ourselves to remain stagnant, settling for a lesser life!

We’ve used the term “Crossroads” a lot – But may we understand crossroads to be: “a place where roads intersect”; and “a point at which a vital decision must be made”. When driving a vehicle, and coming upon a crossroad, a decision must be made to: 1) keep going straight – 2) make a left turn – 3) make a right turn – or 4) pull a U-turn, and go back the way we came from. When we speak to making the right decision (or, taking the right road) for our lives, typically only one of them, is the right one! Look, going to Circle K (for a soda), means the right road is not all that important – But when it comes to our soul, and it’s healing, and where it lands eternally, turning onto THE RIGHT crossroad, is vital; GPS just cannot make that choice for our soul. This is where we must seek a “Greater Help”….

Here at “Discovery Crossroads Ministry”, we believe there is “One”, Who stands at the crossroads of our lives, ready to help…… He (Jesus Christ) HAS the ability to: Touch our souls – Disable the power (voices) within – and completely Wipe out the effects of all the negativism, that has kept us from enjoying “freedom of soul”. He hails us to: “Stop – Look for the path of His Healing – and Follow that path – and Find Healing for our soul”.

At the DCM, we are not a team of certified therapists or counselors…. Rather, we are simply people who are walking thru our past life struggles & pains – learning to deal with them in a positive way, while striving to reach the other side (the good side) of them. We have challenged ourselves, to deal with the uglier side of our past experiences, while reaching to grab a hold of (attain) the diamond that lies within them! Our hope, at DCM, is to simply help others find & attain their life-diamonds, too – that can emerge “out of the rough” of their life.

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